Monday, 29 December 2014

the blues

Monday, 29 December 2014
I was given quite a few lovely Christmas gifts this year, and I say lovely because they were selected in regards to what I like - art, home wares and garden. Even then however, some gifts simply cannot be tried on in the shop, until they're opened and tried out at home. Such was the gift I was given from an extended family relative.

I like metal garden ornaments, but this one was quite blue and showy, for a humble bushland garden like mine. But I refused to judge it, until I found the perfect place for it to live in my garden. I knew there had to be somewhere I could make it work.

None of the plants were going to befriend it unfortunately. They were sporting the latest season of chlorophyll, and blue just wasn't going to work with them.

So then I thought, its a man-made ornament - perhaps it will compliment another man-made structure better...

The wall succeeded at dwarfing the beautiful bird by sheer size, and made it look all the more out of place. I wasn't having much luck. I tried several other places near pots, all of them terracotta coloured, not blue!

But I was determined to find this ornament the perfect home, and I had just one more place I could try...

It did so much better in my potted area on the verandah - lifted high to give it the illusion of size, but also centred, so the bird looked like it was surrounded by foliage.

Thank goodness for plant stands - and my penchant for collecting foliage in pots.

Check out the leaves of this arrowhead plant. A little more daring in how it adorns chlorophyll - so they befriended the blue peacock in no time, and let them hide amongst their foliage.

I can see I'm going to have to buy at least "one" blue-glazed terracotta pot, to introduce into my planted area. I want to limit it to one, because I don't want to dominate this area with blue. I like plants too much, to upstage them.

Where you given any awkward Christmas presents this year? I liked my present (the thought behind it) so I just had to work a little harder to find a place for it to live.


  1. Chris, that looks so amazing where you finally put it. I have been meaning to come over and comment for a little while but I have reading our blogs on my ipad which is signed into another account. I know it seems silly but I hate having to sign in and out on that thing so I read but reserve my comments until I get to a computer.
    Those plants are going with your aren't they? I love that you can enjoy this spot for now. Its a very grounding area to me.

  2. Oh yes, those plants are definitely coming with us. I have about that much again and hope to still get more through cuttings. This is the utility side of the verandah, so fuse boxes, etc. It was the most boring part of the outside space which we'd avidly avoid. Now its my daily ritual to water the plants here, and its my favourite part of the garden now.

    Thanks for stopping in. :)

  3. It looks good where you put it, Chris. You must be moving soon are you? I guess it will be a busy start to the year for you all.

  4. Hi Nanna Chel. :) I think the peacock likes his new home. As for moving, that's not going to happen until the middle of this year - and could possibly even head into Christmas; depending how readily our house sells. We have to wait until the middle of the year, because that's when our fixed home loan, runs out. More like Easter time.

    Don't want to pay the banks anything more than we have to! lol ;)


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